Katya Whose Love to Trains Became Her Profession

Екатерина Сергеева на фоне электрички

Ekaterina, 23, from Saint Petersburg writes about trains in her blog that became rather popular among users. She tells about her profession, shows interesting photos and covers curious facts unavailable to the broad masses. She has been attracted by locomotives since childhood so when she turned 16, she entered a railway high school. Her husband is a train operator too, he is waiting for Katya to work in his brigade soon.

Екатерина Сергеева исследует заброшенные места

Екатерина Сергеева около электрички

Екатерина Сергеева чинит

Екатерина Сергеева в здании

Екатерина Сергеева управляет поездом

Екатерина Сергеева показывает электричку

Екатерина Сергеева едет на поезде

Екатерина Сергеева в рабочей одежде

Екатерина Сергеева в рабочей одежде

Екатерина Сергеева с мужем

Екатерина Сергеева в депо

3 thoughts on “Katya Whose Love to Trains Became Her Profession”

  1. For you Katya, a set of 3 videos from 2019 celebrating the 150th year of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in the USA. We had 8 visitors from Russia to see this rebuilt steam locomotive. Enjoy!
    https://youtu.be/UhdtJJh8qW0 https://youtu.be/LfEaoVCISHw https://youtu.be/kTKHG6WfwOw

  2. Did she write about the locomotives Russia stole to Ukraine (which have been seen at multiple times in the south-east of the country and recognised thanks to their serial number) ?


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