8 thoughts on “Russian 1990s – The Period of Transition”

  1. Unfortunately, the 1990s were a huge tragedy for Russia. We almost lost what we built in 70 years of struggles and sacrifices. Seeing these images that show a naive population, trying to copy “Western” values, the reflection comes to me that Russia is and will always be Russia. We will never be another people or parents and we should never lose our identity !!!
    For you to think that the 90s were good, go to a cemetery and see on the tombstones how old people died !!!!

  2. “Few of us wanna bring that decade back but most still feel very nostalgic about the 90s.” – the only way you may feel nostalgic about 90s in Russia is if you are a hater of Russia or drunken idiot yeltsins oligarch. Apsolutely no one sane in Russia thinks like you. You must be some vile shit eating western then. That is fucking retarded.


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