10 thoughts on “Congrats, You Have a New Bus Stop”

  1. Maybe they wanted to copy the UK style. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bus_Stop_on_Vauxhall_Bridge_Road_-_geograph.org.uk_-_598333.jpg

  2. Obviously those criticizing these installations have no understanding of the new concepts of progressive post modernist engineering.
    Using this new and innovative design for bus stops, reduces wear and tear on the facility, while providing patrons with the joy of the aesthetics of this melding of art and engineering.
    This progressive approach cuts down on maintenance costs, and ensures that the bus stop will be available for future generations to enjoy as they stand outside in a howling blizzard and savor the swirl of snow and ice around their frost bitten exposed limbs.
    We mere peasants must learn to appreciate the benefits accruing to us from the superior intellects of our betters.

  3. Much more relaxing to sit and watch nature than enduring anxiety over bus not arriving! You can almost feel that poor woman’s stress! If only she would sit and watch the grass grow!


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