Huge Stalin’s Portrait Flying Over the Crimea

A strange “patriotic” action was arranged by the boxing federation in the Crimea. Its representatives raised to the sky a huge 40-meters portrait of a former leader of the USSR Joseph Stalin. One of the pilots said they wished to honor the memory of commanders but it remains strange why they chose this symbol for the action.



13 thoughts on “Huge Stalin’s Portrait Flying Over the Crimea”

  1. Flying the symbol of a man, who was responsible for more deaths than Hitler? And, of his own people?
    I don’t get it.

  2. Like in “Burnt by the sun” by Nikita Michalkov, movie about Great Purge. Sometimes cinema outpace reality, hope that only in this visual aspect this time.

  3. Hey, people, you can not understand it just because you do not live in Russia. I think there is 2 reasons:
    1) Russians know Stalin better than you and Stalin was not as bad as western propaganda imagine it.
    2) After 20 years of putinism most of the Russian peole (looking around everyday)
    fell in love with Stalin. Even these, who hated him in 1999.

    • No, we can’t understand why people are admiring a man who murdered millions of his own citizens, for any reason other than they must be completely retarded.

  4. Stalin is one of the biggest animal that Earth ever had. Big strengh to Crimea people! We, lithuanians, perfectly know what is like to be occupied by animals.


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