Passenger Aircraft Disinfection In Russia

An124 VD_0002

An-124 “Ruslan” RA-82081 landed in the Moscow airport of Domodedovo following its mission for delivery of medical masks to Milan, Italy, it had previously taken in China. An-124-100 “Ruslan” is the largest cargo-civil aircraft in the world, the leader of air transportation of bulky and super-heavy loads.

This post features the process of aircraft disinfection in Russia these days. A group of workers from SkyClean services is ready to work.

An124 VD_0085

An124 VD_0009

An124 VD_0132

An124 VD_0018

An124 VD_0050

An124 VD_0041

An124 VD_0042

An124 VD_0112

An124 VD_0121

An124 VD_0037

The cabin of pilots remains untouched.

An124 VD_0028

An124 VD_0064

An124 VD_0077

An124 VD_0073

An124 VD_0056

An124 VD_0051

An124 VD_0093

An124 VD_0098

An124 VD_0119

An124 VD_0126

An124 VD_0129

An124 VD_0148-Pano

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