Sorry, Yura, But We Screwed Up

“Sorry, Yura, but we screwed up.” This phrase is rather popular in Russia. And things to be ashamed of are often compared to the pure image of Yuri Gagarin. For example, let us show you how the Orenburg flight school, where Yuri Gagarin himself used to study, looks like today…


7 thoughts on “Sorry, Yura, But We Screwed Up”

  1. What good does your hard earned tax dollars do (in which you are the slave) when your government allows very valuable property to turn into garbage?
    Especially these days when everybody’s environmentally conscious about waste.
    Or how about people who just need a place to live, to stay warm & dry?
    What a great way to waste millions or billions of dollars or even trillions! world wide.
    Just let it turn to shit.

  2. so sad to see such a place how did end….not also coz the buildin, but for all the knowledge missing for ever, the ammout of student went through there….all for nothin now….so so sad


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