Trading In the 1990s

Торговля в 90-е
The 1990s can’t be called the best time for Russia. However, for some reason, people often remember those years with warmth and nostalgia. This publication is about trading the way it was arranged in the 90s. Random temporary markets, medicines sold right on the streets, stores that sold clothes, cigarettes and chocolate bars in one place.
Продажа вина с бочки

Так в Чечне продавали бензин

Продажа алкоголя прямо из кузова
Рейды милиции - частое явление



Продажа лекарств на улице

Стихийный рынок

Девушка и магазин

“Goods from Europe”

Продажа видеокассет
Виниловые пластинки

Скупка техники в дефолт, 1998 год

Бабушка торгует сигаретами на улице
Еще один стихийный рынок

Бабушка у таблички с информацией о курсе доллара

Currency rate information

6 thoughts on “Trading In the 1990s”

  1. > … people often remember those years with warmth and nostalgia.

    … this may be true for some, but for the overwhelming majority of Russians the early 90s were the most rotten time of their lives. Even today Russia has not yet entirely recovered from Yeltsin’s Pinochetismo and its all-out attack on the Russian people. Millions have withered away before their time, unreported and unmourned, because misery and abject poverty were the direct consequences of the greed, the sanctioned theft and the unregulated capitalism the Yeltsin government had inflicted on the Russian people (with the help of the IMF, the World Bank and the CIA).

    I think, I have posted the link to Nina Kouprianova’s article about the 1990s here once before some years ago. But this is a good opportunity to post it again, as there’s no room for warmth and nostalgia in this text.

    If You’re So Smart, Then Why Are You So Poor? Russia’s 1990s Revisited.

  2. What the hell is this guy whining about? Freedom takes a wee bit of effort, and yeah it ain’t easy. But freedom is …freedom. You do whatever it takes to get it. AND keep it.

    Waa waaa waaa . “Nobody fed me”. How about making something of yourself and working for it.
    You will be surprised how proud your kids will be of you. And of yourself too.

    • You mustve been dropped from the second floor straight to sewage when you were little. There is just no other way for someone to be that stupid….

  3. Russia has too many people and too few jobs. Therefore, employers can pay very small wages. This keeps the Russian economy in a permanent state of 3rd world poverty.

  4. “However, for some reason, people often remember those years with warmth and nostalgia.” Yes they do. Thats of course if you by nostalgia mean betrayal of USSR by gorbachev and his Belavezha gang, anticonstitutional behaviour of Yeltsin and killing of Russians by his tanks, plunder of Russia of its national wealth by Yeltsins jewish oligarchs and destrustion of Russian ethnicity and state. Quite an accurate description of feelings you got there…..


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