11 thoughts on “Beautiful Subway of Tashkent, Uzbekistan”

  1. Super-rich governments have billions of $$$ to dazzle their impoverished residents.

    After a subway journey the citizens can then ascend to their usual bleak environment.

    • If such a station is made from raw concrete as it is the de rigueur in the west for decades now, graffitti are a matter of self defense.
      Stations that are old, like from the beginning of the 20th century, usually are much cleaner and without graffitti.

  2. The architecture is impressie while the photographs are not.
    They are too simple not really catching the grandeur of the stations

  3. At least it hasn’t become a huge advertising space, as in other former soviet countries.
    There are metro stations with so many ad boards and tv’s that normally, they had to pay you for a ride.

  4. Same situation is in Paris,NY,Las Vegas,Singapore,Hong Kong,Seoul,Bruxelles…and all other cities in the “super-rich” countries…
    No shame for the politicians.They have a skin hard as the skin of the vietnamese pig.

  5. What is it with the Russians(?) and beautiful subway stations?
    In most countries, subway stations are purely functional, and have all the charm of a public toilet.
    But the Russkies? They make them works of art.
    Absolutely magnificent!

  6. Beautiful! To bad I can’t say the same for our (US) soulless concrete tunnels painted with advertising and graffiti that are in our major cities.


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