Schoolchildren Learn to Beat People At the New Year Matinee

Children’s New Year matinees in Russia always have the same scenario – Farther Frost, Snow Maiden, X-mas trees, presents. At one of the schools they decided to get fancy and call unusual guests with a strange performance for kids. Employees of the Federal Penal Correction Service showed how they usually beat protesters and activists of opposition – quite entertaining, you know.


2 thoughts on “Schoolchildren Learn to Beat People At the New Year Matinee”

  1. Russia is one of the several totalitarian states of this planet…. so none of this is at all surprising.
    Opposition is not tolerated in Russia.

    • With the Russian opposition being traitorous fifth columnists funded and supported by the manure disturbing USA it’s no surprise the “opposition” is carefully controlled in Russia.

      The US has surrounded Russia and is trying to contain it, so that Russian (and China) do not take down the unipolar world that is currently in the USA’s favour. Looking forward to seeing Russia viciously humble the US.


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