Oimyakon – One of the Coldest Inhabited Places On Earth


Oimyakon is a damn cold place. The temperature record was broken in 1938, when a stem of the thermometer dropped below -77,8 degrees Centigrade. It’s not even so easy to take photographs in winter there.

It’s one of those ten most severe but inhabited places on the planet. In 2010 the population of Oimyakon amounted to 450 people.

Tourists say that at night in Oimyakon saliva gets frozen and becomes crystallized, it feels as if you’ve just swallowed thousands of tiny needles…

Как одеваться?

They wear many layers of clothes to keep warmth. Thermal underwear is a must have.

Животные в селе

Oimyakon is the place where cows wear special bras that protect their udders.

Как быть туристу?

Сколько человек живут?

“Oimyakon – the Pole of Cold”

Проблема с фотографами

Минимальная температура

Котельная в доме


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  1. Why it’s so cold there, while it is not that high on the map, there are warmer places higher on the map. Is it because of some air flow or the mountains, or is it a valley?


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