4 thoughts on “Fighter Flies Too Low Over Dwelling Houses”

  1. II would love to have seen that.
    In the UK the pilot would go to military prison.
    Its wrong but I love it, I hope they still let him fly.

  2. It really looks awesome, but watching it over and over again, I feel that there is something wrong with perspective, position, speed etc…so, I opened google earth and went to find Vladivostok. Don’t know how I did it, but I found those exact buildings in about 20 seconds (I have never looked for Vladivostok before on google earth). This video was taken in building on Soyuznaya 17 street. That 4 buildings are on Zheleznodorozhnaya street, around 300 meters from Soyuznaya, and sea is around 300 meters from them. So, Su-27 that is 300 meters from those buildings just cant be so big in video (in comparison with buildings) Furthermore, that red ship in background is to small. So, is this CGI? 🙂


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