I Like When My Girl Is at the Wheel

To let a girlfriend drive a car is a normal practice for many. But let her pilot a plane with passengers is quite a different story. This is exactly was was done by a polit of “Iraero”, who let a girl navigate An-24 full of passengers. For some unknown reason he also thought it would be cool to share the video of the process in social media…

8 thoughts on “I Like When My Girl Is at the Wheel”

  1. Wasn’t there an incident in Russia about twenty years ago when the pilot let his son fly a passenger airline with about 120 passengers on board?
    The pilot, the crew, the son and all the passengers died when the plane crashed.
    Stupidity is infinite said Albert Einstein.

    • The problem was not son, but that pilots have not controlled him.
      But those, who believe in professionals – just remind me, what happened with Germanwings in 2015…


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