How the Russian President Celebrates His Birthday

Isn’t it cute? President of Russia, Mr. Putin, in the company of Sergey Shoigu, Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, went to the Siberian taiga to the Yenisei river where he enjoyed the autumn beauty and gathered mushrooms.


4 thoughts on “How the Russian President Celebrates His Birthday”

  1. After President Trump retires, do you think President Putin would like to come over and take the job of President of the USA?
    We need men like them to save us.

    • Why ? You lack shitty roads, corruption and no tap water in the countryside ? Trump is bad, but not as bad as that, while Putin will be great to help you with this…

      Really, sometimes we wonder if Americans have dug enough. Hell no : they continue to do it, and shame themselves to the face of the world…


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