4 thoughts on “Happy To Have a New Road!”

  1. The road has probably been built at great expense by AvtoVAZ, so they can test their latest 4×4 to its limits.

    But seriously… the natives seem to be taking it with great good humor and a good dose of sarcasm. I do hope they’ll soon get the road into their village properly paved and tarmaced. And if not … a few cart loads of road mud dumped in the mayor’s office can sometimes do wonders in such a situation.

    P.S.: I loathe roads like this and yet, I love the boxy, no frills looks of the Lada Niva. Now, there’s a contradiction…

  2. This is confusing as it appears to be two ceremonies. I would like to see the before photos. One ceremony even has someone with an accordion….the other has the traditional Slavic bread and salt, a symbol of family unity and goodness.

  3. Yes, but how long before the road is back to its original condition?
    One spring?
    The Russian climate is not good for roads; and with Autumn rain and spring thaw, this road will be a river of mud again.
    I wonder why the people involved do not seem to know this.

  4. Criminal acting on own people if Russia have minimal care for population of Russians they would pawn do road with rock part of the road that going through the villages.


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