3 thoughts on “Beautiful Autumn Colors of the Crimea”

  1. Title : “Beautiful Autumn Colors of the Occupied Crimea”

    Folders : Photos, Ukrainian Nature

    Thanks in advance for corrections…

  2. Indy, I think we have all seen you make a comment like this each and every time the pictures dealt with the topic of Crimea. Your point has been made, over and over, we all get it. Perhaps it is time to accept the fact that history will record Crimea as having been part of Russia or the Soviet Union from 1783 until today, except for the very short period between 1991 and 2014, when it was part of Ukraine. I completely accept that it does upset a lot of people that this is the way things are, clearly including you. However, every independent poll has shown that the overwhelming majority of Crimeans want to be part of Russia and that Russians also want Crimea to be part of Russia. The rest of the world can try to interfere with the de facto status of Crimea as much as they want, but considering how much Russia has pumped into the region, it seems very unlikely that the situation would change due to anything short of WWIII.


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