7 thoughts on “Kitchen With a Secret”

  1. What the heck….why not just place the toilet at the head of the dining table, at least someone would have a seat.
    No need to waste valuable cabinet space in the kitchen.

    • Buñuel did something like this in “Le fantôme de la liberté” (1974), which is a surrealist take of ordinary every day scenes. The result ranges from shocking to bewildering to hilarious, like the toilet/dinner scene …


      … when the little girl says with a loud voice “Maman, j’ai faim!” and her embarrassed mother goes shush shush shush. 🙂

  2. Is it a students’ flat? There are quite a few like this in Poland, just not so posh as the loo bowl is not hidden in such a cool cupboard.

  3. A wonderfully efficient approach to living.
    You can fill up from the top, while at the same time emptying from the bottom.
    Saves a lot of time and effort.
    Great idea!


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