Microsoft 70-346 Exam: Preparation Guide

If you don’t have enough time to sit and do research related to the Microsoft 70-364 exam, we have made an overview for you. This article will not only introduce you to this certification test and what is expected of you but also serve as a guideline for the preparation phase.

Microsoft 70-346: Overview

Microsoft 70-346 exam

Click Here to Download the Free IT certification test that is focused on managing identities and requirements in Office 365. The 70-346 exam has 40-60 questions of various formats and lasts about 120 minutes. It is available in different languages, such as English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. It is associated with the MCSA certificate. Note that this test was retired on April 30, 2019.

There is a list of topics and subtopics to be covered in detail when preparing for the 70-346 exam:

1. Provision Office 365

  • Provision tenants
  • How to configure and add custom domains

2. Planning and implementation of security and networking in Office 365

  • Provide client connectivity to Office 365
  • Configure DNS records for services
  • Run administrator roles in Office 365
  • Administer rights management

3. Management of Cloud identities

  • Configure password management
  • Run user and security groups
  • Operate Cloud identities with Windows PowerShell

4. Implementation and management of identities by applying Azure AD Connect

  • Prepare on-premises AD for DirSync
  • Operate AD users with DirSync in place
  • Install DirSync [WAAD sync tool]

5. Implementation and management of federated identities (SSO)

  • Installation and management of AD FS proxy servers
  • Formulate requirements for AD FS
  • Manage and install AD FS Servers

6. Monitoring and troubleshooting the availability and usage of Office 365

  • Analyze reports
  • Control service health

According to Microsoft, this certification exam is for those IT professionals who have a grip on tools, such as Skype for Business Online, Office 365 ProPlus, and Azure AD. Microsoft also recommends that this test should be taken by those individuals who are interested in the deployment, planning, operating, and assessing the services offered by Office 365. Nevertheless, the candidates are recommended to have experience apropos to integrating services with identity management and infrastructure along with configuration options and service descriptions.

If you want to ensure your success in the Microsoft 70-346 exam, you must know that there are some prerequisites, and if you meet them, it will increase your chances of passing this test at the very first attempt. Even the courses offered for this certification exam recommend pre-existing knowledge. The students should be familiar with:

  • Office 365 Admin Center
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Skype for Business
  • You do not need to be proficient in the above-mentioned areas but basic know-how will help you at the beginning.

Microsoft 70-346: Exam Tips

Microsoft 70-346 exam

  • Each person has a unique way of learning. Some people learn better through listening, some prefer writing, while others opt for a combination of both. Below are the tips that will help in preparing for your 70-346 exam, and you can choose the ones that suit you the most.
  • Online study groups. Community groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms can let you share with others and learn from their experiences. These groups include not only the exam candidates but also the ones who have successfully passed this certification test. Hence, drop your queries and learn through sharing.
  • Exam books and study guides. Microsoft wants to support your endeavors and provides exam books, which can help you in learning and increasing your knowledge to attempt the test successfully. You can refer to the Microsoft Virtual Academy online and make use of Office 365 courses. Additionally, take help from other online resources like exam dumps, which can offer you a great deal of help.
  • Exam simulators and mock exams. Before you hit the exam hall, it is always suggested that you familiarize yourself with the content or type of questions that are going to appear in the test. One way to do this is to take your exam in a virtual online simulator. These simulators not only focus on improving your time management skills by timing your tests but also provide you with an idea of how the exam pressure is supposed to be handled. Practice is the ultimate key here, and there is nothing better than practice tests in this regard.
  • Remember that the certification is quite rewarding. While you might feel like you are losing the motivation to study more, know that better jobs are just a few tests away. Whether you want to enter the domain of cybersecurity or do an entry-level tech job, the Microsoft credentials elevate your position amongst a bunch of candidates. Why do you say NO to a better-payed job anda better future?

Microsoft 70-346: Online Resources

Exam-Labs: A website that is meant to be a central tool to help you in your preparation process. It is user-friendly and easily accessible on mobile devices. Moreover, practice questions provided on the site are updated, and most significantly, all the available material has been verified by the industry experts.

Examsnap: A website offers assistive materials to prepare you for the certification test. Ranging from online courses to exam dumps, the study materials from Examsnap are the most recommended ones among the platforms when it comes to preparing for an IT test.

Exam Collection: This website offers a course that is designed for those IT professionals who participate in evaluating, deploying, planning, and operating Office 365 Services involving its requirements and supporting technologies. This training prepares you by teaching the exam topics mentioned before.


We want that you pass the Microsoft 70-346 certification exam at the very first attempt. In this regard, the preparation tips and tools mentioned above, if followed correctly, will serve as a supportive friend. Thus, be confident and strive for success!

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