4 thoughts on “Happy to Be a Villager”

  1. Its very healthy to live close to nature…..both physically and mentally. I will never forget when I lived on a farm in my childhood days. There were rabbits, chickens and a tractor to plow the fields. Same for the kids in these photos.

  2. How poor these people are!!Even USSR could not change their lives.All putin did was rebuild weapons and enrich his rich billionaire friends.Russia is just third world nation with lot of oil-gas and nukes.So sad.

  3. I admire the way Russians live. It’s very real, non materialistic and consumer parasitic like in North America under “Democracy and Capitalism”. Here in North America you leave your grass uncut and your neighbors rat you out to the Police.

    It’s full of angry people all claiming private property! I’ll sue you! That and spreading Gay propaganda.

    Stay away from everything that’s Western Anglo! My advice to everyone. Yes even the “Food”.

    Much love to the Russian people, Take care.


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