6 Years Old Boy Does 5555 Push Ups

6 Years Old Boy Does 5555 Push Ups

Meet Ibragim Lyanov, 6, from Ingushetia who’s stronger than any adult. He has done 5555 push ups and set a new record. The previous one belonged to Rakhim Kuriev from Chechnya who had done 4105 push ups. The coach and the parents of Ibragim say that he can do even eight thousand. In June the boy plans to set a new official record of Russia at the height of a 100 meters tower “Soglasiye” in Magas.

17 thoughts on “6 Years Old Boy Does 5555 Push Ups”

  1. Those aren’t proper pushups he mostly just bends his back lowering his raising butt, however kudos to the kid for having a wholesome hobby.

  2. Push-ups or not, let’s see all you keyboard warriors do 5555 like he did. I bet you won’t even make it to 55.

  3. English Russia is dead, right? Facebook and Twitter accounts suspended, older pages not loading, email not working… KAPUT?!

    • From the fact that the site’s interface has been changed recently it’s logical to assume that he is. Sometimes there are issues with data migration and solving them is more important that adding new content and also works and has private life so he cannot work on the site 24h/day.

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