10 thoughts on “Facebook Users Are Choosing the Graffiti For the Chernobyl NPP”

  1. One or two of the images seem ok and I cannot comment on the Graffiti with Russian text. But George Carlin really hits the nail on the head … ohh the irony! … ohh the sarcasm! If I were on Facebook (which I’m not and never will be), I would join the crowd and vote for this one.

  2. I like the second one
    but to me, it would be better to have the firemens, engenniers, soldiers and other liquidators painted on this wall

  3. i think we should ask people who lived their or their families were part of the biorobot program, or were evacuated. or maybe some who still live with cancer. maybe they could choose a better one then these awful bad arts, and “the facebook users”

    • I think you are right and I herewith officially retract my previous comment. George Carlin’s sharp, sarcastic and often scathing political criticism probably means nothing to the people in Ukraine, in Belarus and in Russia … and they are the ones who should decide if the ruin of such an enormous industrial disaster should be decorated, dressed up, beautified or camouflaged at all. As someone else here has already suggested, maybe the damn thing should be left alone … looks-wise that is, because regarding security and health concerns it will have to be looked after for centuries to come.

  4. About 150 pensioners still live in the Exclusion Zone. They grow food and eat it. Their visitors are very afraid to drink a cup of tea they offer…including me..

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