Crawling to Success: The Most Invisible Thief In History

Crawling to Success: The Most Invisible Thief In History

Here is a funny video from a shop in Kaliningrad where a thief tried to steal the contents of an ATM. Look at what he did in an attempt to remain unnoticed. No wonder that he failed and was caught by the police.

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  1. If criminals, spent as much time trying to find a JOB, as they did trying to break the law, society would be much better off.

    • This would be true if there were any jobs. But for most of the unemployed in the so called advanced capitalist countries there aren’t, which makes “finding a job” a pointless exercise. And of course, since full employment is a serious threat to capitalism, the system has been deliberately set up to be like this. Without a reserve army of labour (as Marx called it), without a good proportion of the workforce in dire straits or on the brink of starvation, capitalism simply couldn’t survive. All of this has been well researched, reviewed, confirmed, discussed, commented on and publicized since the late 18th century, not only by Marx but by many eminent philosophers and economists from Adam Smith to Joseph Stiglitz. How in the 21st century someone can still fall for the tired old “finding a job” fallacy is beyond me.

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