I Park The Way I Want

I Park The Way I Want

The most inappropriate place for parking is even hard to imagine. As you may suppose, it’s a monument to workers who died in the WWII times. Unluckily for the memorial, it is located right opposite the administrative building whose servants cannot find enough space for their cars. But, God! That’s not a way out!

I Park The Way I Want

4 thoughts on “I Park The Way I Want”

  1. Looking carefully at this situation, if driver was less selfish and more considerate, then you could fit two cars in this space.

    ..just saying.

  2. The photo you provided reminds me this evident
    just happened today but more horrible! :lol


  3. Hi Tim,

    I was saddened to see your Twitter account has been suspended,

    if you decide to do something similar on a different social media site then do please let us know,

    I find your ‘window’ into Russian life fascinating and would love to continue following .

    with best regards,



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