3 thoughts on “When The Higher Forces Say No!”

  1. You guys in that car should not take such pleasure in that man’s addiction. What are you going to do leave him in the streets? I enjoy a lot of things that are posted here. This is not something to be proud of, it’s sad. I never understood how people can take such pleasure from the misfortune of others. Thou that fellow picking him put, I would buy that guy a cup of coffee or tea any time!

    • Pleasure in the man’s poor life choices? What pleasure do you assume laughing at adults who spit on life by self medicating and throwing away human dignity?
      Helping suicidal druggies through altruism is why the never need to get clean. It is fools like you who enable poor life choices by making excuses and insulating them from reality through much needed public mockery.

      The bullying is not to help the suicidal druggie, but the children who learn that poor life choices MUST be mocked and ridiculed mercilessly.

      • CJ: Your reply to GS and the laughing people in the car is a mass of confusion.

        You suggest that people mock and ridicule some suicidal druggie but when they do it you call them a ”fool”..


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