2 thoughts on “Guess What This Bridge Is Built From”

  1. The public servant who signed off on the on-site inspection better have a brand new car and home. I hear the Clinton’s had a hand in normalizing Pay to Play in Russia as they did in the US.

    We don’t have bribery in the States anymore. It’s better to use the FBI as Pay to Play bagmen so it looks respectable while in your face.

    I’d blame this on Obama’s working with the Russian mob and hope you folks reject our intervention.

    Do I really need a /sarc tag?

    Edit, according to some very serious FBI agents who just left…

    Yes, yes! It was just a joke!
    Oh, I’m supposed say this was all Trump’s fault and Pay to Play is still illegal. Something about Hillary is innocent of all the vile hateful accusations leveled at her by right wing conspiracy nutters like me.


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