60 Black Cats Trying to Survive With Their Crazy Old Owners


A black cat is considered a sign of bad luck in Russia. But these sixty (!) black cats turned out to be very unlucky themselves. Their owners – a woman aged 91 and her son, 73, simply could not provide the animals with necessary food and care. Poor cats were found by animal defenders in a terrible condition.

The cats were suffering from ear mites and starvation. They scratched themselves to sores, so all the walls and furniture in the flat were in blood stains. All cats grew bare because of hunger, some looked like walking skeletons…


Now the rescuers of the cats are trying to provide them with care and support, find new more responsible owners for them. The previous owners refused to lose all the cats in a day and kept five of them at home.

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  1. I used to have a black cat. There are several breeds and they are extremely intelligent. He lived 19 years. Very sad to see this.


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