Scary Finding of a Russian Collectioner of Antiques


Sergey Popov, 26, has been collecting antiques for several years. His final finding turned out to be shocking and frightening. At the construction site in the center of Kaliningrad he found a strange bottle with unusual “candies” inside…


It was written right on their packages that inside was rat poison produced in 1900-1920. Sergey gave several “candies” for an expertise and it proved – yes, it was poision.


Sergey has a lot of interesting things in his collection – old utencils from restaurants of Konigsberg, old signs, but this one was the most stunning.



8 thoughts on “Scary Finding of a Russian Collectioner of Antiques”

  1. Interesting. I just read that this has a lot of useful applications even today and was used as a cough medicine, wound disinfection or for Siphilistreatment…

  2. These are used to make a red colored disinfection liquid, by solving them in water. The poison statement is just a warning for the unaware. These days things where marked this brief way, just the brand and a warning.

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