Steam Locomotives Ever Produced In Russia


Steam locomotives are amazing vehicles that combine metal, fire, air and water. It’s just a pleasure to see these power and beauty. This publication is about seven steam locomotives of Russia at different stages of railway development history.



Russian steam locomotive of 0-4-0 type produced in 1905 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire.


It belongs to the group of “standard type of 1904”.


Nowadays it is the oldest locomotive still used in Russia.


The first locomotive that became the main one in the fleet of Russian railway vehicles.

In the period since 1890 to 1915 they made over nine thousand locomotives of this series. So it was the most popular pre-revolutionary locomotive.


Driver in the uniform of the 1930s.


Locomotive Eu 699-74 – representative of “E” series – the most mass produced series of locomotives in the world.


SO18-2018 – freight locomotive, deeply modernized “E” series. This locomotive was built in 1941, only three vehicles like this remained in operation.


Su250-64 – the most mass produced passenger steam locomotive (1924-1951), design speed – 115 km/h.


Locomotive L-2057. Soviet freight vehicle named after chief designer L. S. Lebedyanskiy.


It was heard long before its emergence from around the turn. The most perfect and powerful Soviet passenger locomotive.


Beautiful P36-120. On March, 15th it came down the pedestal at Belorussky station and now it is in the service again.



LV-182 – freight Soviet steam locomotive, the last one from ever produced and the most power-efficient. But its efficiency factor was only 9.3% anyway.



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  1. Beautiful Line up or restored Steam. Lot of countries have restored Rail equipment, but its important to keep these machines running, The steam engine is never truly “original” from the first day its put to work, piece by piece it is replaced, improved, updated, but still they are one of those machines that “feels alive” when you operate or ride behind one, incredible how much heat they give off, they build the industrial age across the planet. Thank you for sharing these photos.


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