Russian Biologist Rescued And Raised 230 Bear Cubs


Biologist Sergey Pazhitnov lives with his family in a remote village of the Tver region, Russia, and occupies himself with bear cubs nursing. The system of orphan cubs rehabilitation, created by Sergey, is considered one of the best in the world.




The main task is not simply to bring up the cubs, but to do it in the way to further let them out to the natural habitat.


This is the hardest part. So Sergey uses special pale green uniform and avoids any additional odors (soap, perfume etc.), the bears should not get used to the smell of the man who feeds them.


The smallest cubs are fed with a mixture of cow milk, egg yolks, infant formula and vitamins. Later they start eating special porridge.


They are not given any meat or sweets to prevent them from seeking something tasty or high-calorie. When they grow up they should wish by themselves to go to a forest for more nutritious food.



Sergey has three children but the cubs demand much more time…


For the years of his work he has raised over 230 orphan bear cubs. Now he has ten newcomers at his place.


This activity costs much money. Ten cubs require half a million rubles ($7,700) monthly. Sergey uses donations.




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