Illegal Dwellers of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone


In spring 2019 the Belorussian exclusion zone of Chernobyl was opened for tourists. The authorities decided to give a permission to legally visit this territory to organized tourist groups, but many adventurers ignore safe routes and do there whatever they like. They even settle in apartments and bring the lost presence back to the notorious place.


Some of them literally settle in houses of the exclusion zone for several years and the number of such people is rising since the zone became open. They try to find apartments with non-damaged doors and windows, bring furniture and sofas from other apartments there and arrange parties.



They often publish photos of their shelters on the web but do not share the exact location to avoid guests…






“Danger zone”.




To keep their flats untouched vandals take precautions: they curtain their windows at night, do not make much noise and do not leave traces. They bring curious newcomers but “the best” apartments are kept in secret. The most “epic” apartments are not shown on the web to prevent disclosure.



In fact this subculture is not so popular nowadays as it was 10-15 years ago, but still there are people thrilled by empty silent houses of the exclusion zone.


4 thoughts on “Illegal Dwellers of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone”

  1. Eating food, drinking bottled water, sleeping and breathing in this ZONE. Do they need a radiation machine for measure the level? Or is their sewage the main problem of their life there?

    Not sure I want a cup of tea at their apartment.

  2. I can understand when people want to get away from the regimentation and the pressures of modern civilization. But there must be better places than this! Cancer is a serious risk in this region and it would be a high price to pay for a few years of relative freedom, peace and quiet.

  3. Are rents so high and pay so low in Russia that young people are forced to do this by costs? Because it doesn’t look like fun.


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