Russians Have Made a Flying Rifle


Just recently¬†a couple of videos have been shared on the web that feature a remotely piloted vehicle equipped with an assault rifle. The prototype was made by the Russian gunmaker “Almaz-Antey” who had undertaken itself back in 2018 to develop a “flying Kalashnikov rifle”.


The drone has a central fuselage with a built-in rifle compartment and a flat wing design, it is also provided with a smoothbore rifle “Vepr 12 Molot” with a magazine for ten shells.


According to the producer, the vehicle can shoot at a target automatically while flying at the required course. If the target is not destroyed from the first attempt, the vehicle may follow the object and doesn’t require to adjust the course.



4 thoughts on “Russians Have Made a Flying Rifle”

  1. I hate to inform the inventor of such brilliance of this but a good duck or goose hunter with a 10 gauge extended barrel will have a field day with that thing. Try again, Boris.


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