Fading Away: Tuberculosis On the Post-Soviet Territory


Yesterday, March, 24th was the World Tuberculosis Day. Each year this disease kills 1,6 million people, mostly from developing countries. Photographs of Mikhail Fridman devoted to this topic are gloomy black and white observation of dying away. These people are already dead, but physically still alive. Unfortunately, the works of Mikhail didn’t help them anyhow. And for Fridman himself, it was hard to be just a photographer, as he says.

He was making these photos for five years as part of the project “Tuberculosis on the territory of the former USSR”. The things he saw he described in one sentence: “It’s a catastrophe-like situation. Everywhere”.


Uzbekistan. The ward for five men who suffer from tuberculosis that cannot be cured with basic medicines.


Uzbekistan. Orunbai, 62, diagnosed with tuberculosis spent four years in different hospitals.


Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Drug-addicts are standing in line for syringes and HIV testing.


Uzbekistan. Oleg, 41, does not have any relatives, he is spending his last days all alone in a hospital. The only visitors of Oleg are nurses and social workers.


Russia. One patient is looking at another one being weighed.


Ukraine. Drug-addict Nikolay, 31, was diagnosed with tuberculosis when he already had HIV, being infected in prison. He died several weeks after this photo is taken.


Uzbekistan. Islambek, 19, whose brother was recently cured from tuberculosis. But doctors say that Islambek’s tuberculosis is incurable. Two months later he passed away, his brother survived.


Ukraine. The tuberculosis patient is making an X-Ray.


Uzbekistan. Dolls applied by psychotherapists.


Uzbekistan. A social worker is walking with a patient.


Russia. All patients were sent home for the period of re-equipment in the hospital of Gudermes – all of them except Adam aged 24, he was too weak to move.


Uzbekistan. Due to stereotypes connected with tuberculosis many patients do not want to show their faces.


Uzbekistan. Islambek, aged 19, lost his mother who died from tuberculosis, he is infected too.


In a tuberculosis dispensary of Nazran, Ingushetia.


Russia. Polina, 37, is suffering from malnutrition, HIV, tuberculosis, Hepatitis С and other diseases.


Ukraine. A patient is helping to load the body of Andrey, who passed away half an hour ago, into the car.


Nukus, Uzbekistan. Too weak to play table tennis, like many others here.


Ukraine. Getting ready for X-Ray.


Ukraine. Doctor at the body of Andrey who has just died.


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