6 thoughts on “Female Face of the Soviet Epoch”

  1. Beautiful photos of beautiful women 🙂 when I was growing up in the west in the 1960s Soviet women were portrayed in the media either as babushkas or unattractive. We were subjected to intensive propaganda and it has started again in recent years. But I won’t be fooled again!

    • … to quote Pete Townshend :-). But I agree. I also remember how all through the 50s, 60s 70s… western press and TV piled lies upon lies upon lies about the USSR, how they twisted and perverted every last positive bit about the country and its peoples into the opposite … a Russian woman winning an Olympic medal therefore had to be a doped monster, deep voice, beard growth, and did anybody check what’s in her panties? It was disgusting. I also remember all those jokes that were spread by the media about Russian technology, about Russian women driving tractors etc. etc. And behind it all? … the deep-seated fear of the 0.1%, who own practically everything in the capitalist world, that working people might recognize in the USSR a more equitable and humane model for human society. That’s all. With a bit of luck the whole capitalist shit-house will come down sooner or later, hopefully not taking all life on our planet with it.

  2. Yes, Doug – remember the “fashion show” advertisement with all the frumpy babushkas in military clothing and combat boots? They didn’t want us to know the truth – as soon as I found out, I married a beautiful Russian woman for myself.

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