14 Million Dollars Accident


Here is a military “KAMAZ” truck resting upside down on the wide road of Vladivostok city with an air defense missile system “Pantsyr-S “mounted on it.

The accident happened yesterday morning on the bypass highway near the city. The driver lost control of the truck, and on turn the system fell on its side and blocked the way for all other vehicles moving from Russky island to Patroclus bay.


As a result of the accident the “Pantsyr” system lost several parts.

According to local mass-media, the reason of the accident could be “bad road quality”. This area is known for sinking asphalt, which is a real trap for heavy transport.


As to human victims, only the driver of the “KAMAZ” was injured – several bruises and a fracture of the clavicle.


Now they deal with the accident aftermath, trying to put the truck on its four wheels with cranes and remove it from the road.





“Pantsyr-S” air defense missile system.

5 thoughts on “14 Million Dollars Accident”

  1. Load that baby up on a trailer with a few dozen bottles of Vodka and take it over to Igor’s house. Just make a bet with him he cant fix everything in one week and the Vodka is free. Probably the machine will go faster after and look way cooler when everything is finished. lol

  2. It is obvious from pictures driver going too fast on road curve when he lost control. He got frightened and over-steered in other direction. Road looks very good here. I am retired cop and seen such things many times.


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