11 thoughts on “Strong And Beautiful: Russian Military Ladies, Part 2”

  1. The thought of these young women dying horribly in battle is abhorrent. Maybe if more women ruled the world it would be a better place, men have not done a very good job. I am a feminist and I have always preferred female friends. Married 44 years next week, 2 daughters, 3 granddaughters and 1 tiny grandson. (can’t win them all LOL) He loves his granddad – what will the world be like for him ?

    • What does this incoherent rambling have to do with anything? Nice job trying to play the male feminist. Does your wife’s boyfriend make you do this?

  2. That is the primary reason why there is objection to women serving in combat roles. Men naturally feel protective of women, and so will compromise the security of their own operations in order to disproportionately defend their women comrades. This can be fatal to all concerned.
    Alternatively, when attacking a position containing women, men will hesitate to shoot and end up being killed.
    So overall, it is better that women fill back office positions and are kept a long way from the front.

  3. That the photog presents the prettiest and most desirable women is no surprise. This will get him published and paid.

    That other lumps of meat will go to war despite their sex, is really the issue.

    Shall we genetically select for better men and more useless women?

  4. I agree with you completely George. Another problem – I know of a female military pilot, best in her year during training. The ‘men’ made her life a misery and she left.

  5. As with the other article, these are very few and they seem to put the best looking on the front rows for propaganda purposes. These are comparable to US military women, most are so-so and lesbian looking. The ones shown here are the very few exceptions.

    Be as pretty as you want but you’ll look just as ugly as everyone else in the grave should you invade my country.

  6. Thanks for showing us all these lovely ladies that serve in the Russian armed forces, though I noticed that many of them are actually police. Some of these ladies are so striking they could be professional fashion models. Glad to see English Russia back. Your server seemed to be out for a few days.

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