Sport Is Not About Selfies And Protein Smoothies


Do you like sport? What does it mean to you? Do you pay attention to attributes like a comfy shower and hi-tech fitness equipment? Do you like to see yourself in a mirror when you run or lift heavy weights? Or is all you need is a good result and to be in nice physical shape?

All these gyms have been in use since Soviet times, when people had a different attitude to sport in general. Those who come and sweat there do not pay much for gym membership and it’s no surprise that they often have even better results than members of expensive fitness centers.


Club “Athletics”.


Gym in a school building of Ullugatag village of Dagestan.


Soviet daddies used to train in such conditions, they counted sets, not likes in Instagram…


Tough but modern one.



There is a place for sport everywhere…





And sport equipment is not always made for sport.




No posters of sexy models, but posters of tough guys on the walls.


Less comfort for the better.


Sport is only about your will and desire!

3 thoughts on “Sport Is Not About Selfies And Protein Smoothies”

  1. If you cannot put your heart into something, get yer butt out of it. The drive to win comes from the self not from the audience, so put away the smartphone and work!

  2. When I was young and broke hanging out with other young broke men, we put together a gym at my friends house, in his shed, kick and punch bags, balance beam and stand posts for agility training, and of course, not a single mirror 🙂 we had some fun times, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still going to this day. (I moved away to another city)

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