Multitask Female Bus Driver


Another tough lady from Russia. A bus driver from Kanash, Chuvashia. That’s what I call confidence! When you have everything under control still doing many things at the same time – speaking on the phone with one hand, giving change to passengers with another one and driving the public bus with your elbow. Bravo! Check out the video inside.

The woman is said to have two children, so that’s probably the source of her brilliant multitasking skills. However it won’t save her from an administrative penalty now.

6 thoughts on “Multitask Female Bus Driver”

  1. Out of curiosity, how difficult is the Russian driving test? cost?
    How much more difficult is a public service test?

  2. A totally careless and extremely dangerous driver who is too stupid to realize her actions.

    @englishrussia, you should never present her – its a mistake to promote such actions as ‘cool’ bahavior. This woman, is a walking dead – sooner or later, she’ll get involved into a fatal car accident and possibly other people may die because her stupidity.

  3. This isn’t impressive at all but actually extremely careless and dangerous. There are very severe penalties in most countries for using a mobile phone while driving for a good reason. They cause a lot of accidents. A pity that this is not enforced in Russia.

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