Who Will Win a Pack of Stray Dogs or a Russian Man in Russia [video]



Problems with stray dogs in winter are becoming more and more frequent in Russia. Hungry animals are getting into bigger packs and are ready to attack lonely humans even during the light of day like this man in Solntsevo in a Moscow suburb. But who won the fight? Let’s see:


6 thoughts on “Who Will Win a Pack of Stray Dogs or a Russian Man in Russia [video]”

  1. You can see by their tails they were playful, not aggressive. Also notice that was just the half of the pack and when they saw that the other half is moving away, they ran away to catch up with them (the pack leader was in the second half).

    • I think they wanted the dood to join their pack and join in their reindeer games.
      Then they want to chew out his juggler vein.

      Im just saying

  2. I agree with Reziac, that’s Hunting behaviour big time, though I think they are after the small dog the person is walking. I think people under estimate how quickly dogs revert back to feral activity. We watch these Zombie movies, and its all zombies running around in packs, but the main problem would be the dog packs that would form, because they form so fast.
    My experience comes from farming sheep near a town, where town dogs would get free over night, create a pack, and go hunt and tear apart sheep. We would wait at night for these dogs to return, and shoot them, they were often peoples pets, with collars and names and tags. Once they have had a taste, you pretty much have to kill them. its the same with farm dogs as well, you want the intensity of a farm dog who instinctively knows how to herd, but now and again, one will attack and kill. you cant reverse that, and one has to go shoot that dog. I believe this has been going on as long as there have been dogs and humans. Its also part of the reason in disasters people need to rescue pets fast, so they don’t form hunting packs.

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