What Happened to Mammoth Baby Found in Dirt in Siberia? [3 photos]



In year 1977 in Magadan, USSR a real mammoth baby was found in the middle of the field in a permafrost layer. They called him “Dima”. Before the scientists managed to arrive half of Dima was stolen for “souvenirs”. Here is some more facts:




Dima was a male mammoth. He was 112 cm long and 115 cm tall.1551626282166346092


Dima was supposedly 6 months old when a disaster that turned the whole continent into a frozen mess happened, supposedly 15-18 thousands years ago.

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  1. Magadan is the old transportation hub for people being sent to the infamous gulags. Therefore anything might happen at that location. This forlorn place is not a holiday destination by any stretch of the imagination.

    • RB:…There are several fast food places in Magadan. One is Mag Burger that does have wifi thats semi-operational. One Reviewer of this place said the meat in the hamburger was partially raw [ shows photo uck]. The beer service is closed down at 5AM [ I guess that’s so the people can get to work.] He went to this joint 3 times and in seriatim did not like it.


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