How Did Real Torpedo stuck in Soviet Submarine Hull? [3 photos]


These archive photos show a real Soviet submarine with a real battle torpedo stuck in its hull. How this has happened? This is how:



The torpedo stuck in Soviet K-178 submarine because another Soviet submarine B-454 forgot to turn off torpedo’s self-guiding system during torpedo firing drill. As a result they launched torpedo and waited if the torpedo would come out of water. But it didn’t come out of water – instead another submarine who was participating in the drill surfaced with its captain swearing in the air.




Then in 1990s this photo worked as a good ad during Armament expos where Soviet Union was selling off their stock of torpedoes.

6 thoughts on “How Did Real Torpedo stuck in Soviet Submarine Hull? [3 photos]”

  1. Wow it almost sunk the submarine. Thank god for malfunctioning weapons I bet the guy that forgot to turn off the auto locate was not treated very kindly. And look at the four people standing there like they want to give it a good kick. Are they waiting for the torpedo to blow up? lol
    I was just reading about all the damn nukes the US accidentally lost around the world. I hope we don’t go to war and wow would it suck if we went to war because some switch go left on.

      • Seconded. Also, What RB said about accidental nuclear war is exactly why this current Russiagate nonsense is so fucking irresponsible; because during the old Cold War, we came close to accidental nuclear annihilation multiple times. You don’t want the Doomsday Clock anywhere near midnight, yet here we are (and for what?). All it would take now would be a tiny mistake or miscalculation. The people pushing this act like they don’t realise how dangerous this is, and I don’t know what’s more terrifying, them knowing that and doing it anyway or them being where they are while being that bloody ignorant.

        • ARIF;

          The leftists in the U.S. pushing all this don’t care who it hurts. They are so mentally unstable with hatred for President Trump, that they will stop at nothing to destroy him.

          They can not see beyond their blind rage, to realize they are risking the entire world.

          • Horse: It definitely takes a right winger to accept the daily lies of the current US president. Left wing is basically disgusted by his extreme dishonesty, while right wing is not.

            I do hope Trump’s endless lies would somehow prevent the nuclear annihilation of US. Possibly by deceiving the U.S. people far enough to lower their weapons and have them completely surrender to Russia.

  2. Thank the Lord there was never a war between West And Soviet Union. The Soviets only had so many subs to shoot down. They would have gotten tired of sinking their own subs and probably would start firing at their own bombers


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