Russian Senator Tries to Burn the Mountain of Cash [video]

2019-02-27 16.47.03


Yes there’s joker on this photo, but the real story from Russia can be easily compared with this movie scene from Batman.┬áDay when Russian senator arrested they tried to burn a “mountain of cash” – over billion in cash. Serious “Only in Russia” thing you never see abroad; Here is a video of cash:

Really lots of money

6 thoughts on “Russian Senator Tries to Burn the Mountain of Cash [video]”

  1. Maybe ER made one mistake, they post new stuff everyday and I have only seen one or two pictures they got wrong. How are they supposed to be able to check everything. I don’t care if they post something and maybe make a mistake its a freaking awesome channel. You try to post new material every day for years and years,do you think its easy?

  2. I can see this happening in the U.S of course with all the Billions and Trillions of Dollars they steal from the Public but in Russia nah..This would be Suicide and overkill. And as Z in the top post said, this is an exhibition.


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