Only in Russia: Two BTRs Hit Four Cars in Kursk Today [pics + vid]

2019-02-27 14.01.30

Another day is going in Russia – this time the news has come from Kursk – two army BTRs have clashed four civilian cars in middle day.

This is just road accident:

2019-02-27 14.01.19

Here is a vid:


2019-02-27 14.01.25

2019-02-27 14.01.30


2019-02-27 14.01.34 2019-02-27 14.01.40


And if you remember – Kursk is the place of the largest armored battle in the history of mankind – during WW2 there was a Battle of Kursk – where largest amount of tanks etc participated.

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  1. Having driven BTRs in U.S. military familiarization training, they are somewhat hard to control in confined spaces. As an example, the driver looses steering control as soon as you depress the clutch, as the hydraulic pump for steering is PTO driven, and depressing the clutch disengages the PTO, so you loose steering.


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