Trophy ISIS Armored Vehicles Now Traveling Thru Russia [7 photos]


Russia captured lots of metal during war in Syria. Lot of ISIS trucks, SUVs, armored selfmade vehicles and even tanks. Now they brought them to Russia – had an expo in Moscow and afterwards they are traveling across Russia on top of train. For example those photos are from Russian town Tula.



Maybe they plan do more expos in Russian cities.



Cars clearly show battle marks


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And mostly of foreign origin like those HUMVEEs.


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5 thoughts on “Trophy ISIS Armored Vehicles Now Traveling Thru Russia [7 photos]”

  1. Russians continue the IIWW tradition: take, grab, steal and send to matuschka Russia. Whatever they will find- everything is new .

  2. We have considerably more ‘trophies’ than this. We will put them all together in one big exhibition once we find 2000 hectares available.

    Unfortunately, Russians will not be allowed into Ukraine.
    But you will be able to order photos … no, I forgot the wall around Russia…
    and the guard towers and the barbed wire. Just think, it will be almost like


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