4 thoughts on “Summer photos from Russian village [20 photos]”

  1. SO I hadn’t seen or understood the “bucket” on the wall (second to last picture) until I watched a documentary on a village in the mountains, and realized its for washing your hands !

  2. So this is what real Freedom and Democracy looks like. 🙂 Grass uncut, kids running around having fun, Elders happy, even the Ducks look like they are having fun.

    And i’m typing this from the West.

    • Your neighbor wakes you up with his angle grinder early at the morning, working at his tractor, but you don’t mind, because yesterday you did the same. Dogs barking, children bathing with the cows, and no one gives a fuck, because everyone mind their own business. They have their own life to live to the fullest, and didn’t have time to whining about the others.
      I’m from eastern europe, Hungary. As a city kid, I was lucky enough to have relatives at the countryside, to witness this lifestyle. It’s still exist, but almost disappeared.

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