Recent Storm Revealed the Weapons that Were Left Since WW2 [4 photos]


Recent storm in Kaliningrad region has revealed a secret stash left there since the World War 2. Man with dad was walking in forest and have found this. Boxes of ammo, machine guns – all was now visible.



Here is man with things he found.




Probably someone was in rush – he just threw the guns in box and has dig it all to ground.


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    • Tokarev pistol use another type of ammunition.In the picture looks like 45 acp rounds.
      Tokarev is this×25mm_Tokarev#/media/File:7.62x25_-_FMJ_-_SB_-_5.jpg

    • Walther P-38s…9mm. not sure what the other is. It looks like a MAB model D. 7.62mm. The on on the bottom right is a Browning Hi Power. Also 9mm

  1. here is a german source from january:

    which is real?


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