This is Norilsk, baby [6 photos]



Amount of snow in Norilsk this year is staggering even by their standards. A simple walk for grocery is a snow adventure now.  Here a couple more photos:

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Author of this photo says: “In the end of the day I came out of my office and saw my car like this, in the morning I came to office on it and just parked here.”


And this is third floor balcony.

You might ask why people still living there?

And just to remember – an average “I went to buy bread” story from the places like this:

Stay warm!

8 thoughts on “This is Norilsk, baby [6 photos]”

  1. And the Cowards here in Canada/USA get 4inches of Snow and they have to Call the Military and a United Nations Emergency Meeting just to see how they’re going to handle the Weather.

    • I assure you, we in Canada are not winter pussies. I worked oil rig, 50 below.
      However, no thanks, done it, as of Dec 23, 2020, I will be 62. Retired. Bored.

    • Heh, speak for yourself, in Buffalo we have snow fall that collapses trees like umbrellas.

      But then again, all the C02 pumped out of the third world has drastically changed the weather in the N. E.

  2. you gotta have a real sense of the funnies to live with that much snow. But seriously I’d get a set of snowshoes. I lived up in Northern Canada for 3 years, that video is hilarious and brings back some memories.


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