This is Norilsk, baby [6 photos]



Amount of snow in Norilsk this year is staggering even by their standards. A simple walk for grocery is a snow adventure now.  Here a couple more photos:

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Author of this photo says: “In the end of the day I came out of my office and saw my car like this, in the morning I came to office on it and just parked here.”


And this is third floor balcony.

You might ask why people still living there?

And just to remember – an average “I went to buy bread” story from the places like this:

Stay warm!

9 thoughts on “This is Norilsk, baby [6 photos]”

  1. And the Cowards here in Canada/USA get 4inches of Snow and they have to Call the Military and a United Nations Emergency Meeting just to see how they’re going to handle the Weather.

  2. you gotta have a real sense of the funnies to live with that much snow. But seriously I’d get a set of snowshoes. I lived up in Northern Canada for 3 years, that video is hilarious and brings back some memories.


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