Russian UAZ Batmobile [5 pictures]


Russian enthusiast is building project called “Batmobile Bread Loaf”. Why Bread Loaf? In Russia this model of UAZ is usually called “Bread Loaf”. And here it is going to be transformed into a Batmobile looking vehicle with oversized back wheels. Here are couple more photos:




“Fantastic cars”


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Isn’t that is awesome?

Also it is not the only try to innovate on UAZ “Bread Loaf” car. Here is a lowrider hot rod another team is building:

7 thoughts on “Russian UAZ Batmobile [5 pictures]”

  1. The talent here is amazing for sure, something most people would like to be able to do but cant.
    I am slowly becoming disillusioned with all ideas copied from US Hollywood movies. I want to see something fresh that is not related to the west. How about a model car fashioned from an old Russian children’s book. Or anything Russian would be fine like models of planes trains and helicopters and ships.

      • If I were not so close to the US I would agree even more. Its really sad to see everyone in South Africa for example wearing Nike clothes and everything branded in the US.


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