40 Cubic Meters of Snow: The Biggest Snow Man in Russia [7 photos]


This man decided to build a biggest snowman of Russia this year, in his yard. For this it took him two weeks of time and forty cubic meters of snow. The result? The result is here.



This was the first stage finished.




Inside of the snowman there is a corridor so they could climb the top of it. You can enter either from the first “stage” or from the second.1550171870121987284

Now it’s starting looking like a real Gentleman



And now he is almost finished.



A little magic touch.



They were building it without help of any technics just manual labor. It took them two weeks and they say they are pretty satisfied with the ┬áresult – also neighbors are happy to see such decoration.



And also now he’ s watching them at their bedroom.

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  1. Here we see middle class Russian neighborhood. A large lot with the typical metal fences on four sides. The idea of a front yard is generally unknown in Russia.


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