Russian Town is Invaded by Hundreds Polar Bears and Its Shocking! [photos/vids]


A Russian town in Arkhangelsk region is sort of invaded of the polar bears this year. They even have declared a martial law because of this situation. The hunger makes the bears move towards the towns of Arkhangelsk area. Now you can see the dangerous animals at town dump sites, streets and even kids playgrounds. They even enter lobbies of the apartment houses. People making selfies and publish it on social networks and here are some photos and the videos from region.



Bears feel pretty comfy in the town.


novaya_zemliya_belie_medvedi_02 novaya_zemliya_belie_medvedi_03

And people in the state of constant danger







This is a lobby of an apartment building!



novaya_zemliya_belie_medvedi_07 novaya_zemliya_belie_medvedi_08 novaya_zemliya_belie_medvedi_09 novaya_zemliya_belie_medvedi_10


The guard dogs really can’t do anything against the nature.

Here are some vids, and they are truly shocking:

This vid makes you understand how numerous the bear invasion really is.

Here is one more vid:

Bear tries to climb inside the dump truck (and probably hopes to have a ride to town)

And one more vid:

Polar bear freely walking inside an apartment house among the kids strollers etc..

Truly “Only in Russia” situation here..

25 thoughts on “Russian Town is Invaded by Hundreds Polar Bears and Its Shocking! [photos/vids]”

  1. it is all interesting and unusual because these animals are solitary as far as i know. So how did they come together? What i certainly do not appreciate is the trash of civilisation… do they not have a litter system?

  2. Higher temperatures and the sea and the ice floes are getting scarce of food, that’s why they’re moving closer to land.

    It’s just a matter of time before a bear will take down a person for food.

    The whole eco system is collapsing it seems…

        • YOU are the fool. The other fool wrote “The whole eco system is collapsing it seems…”

          WHOLE ecosystem he wrote, not local or regional, you fool.

      • “Are you on medication?” @Bob
        Ron is a spoiled rotten child who is virtue signaling superiority over mother nature and weather change. These are the precious snowflakes who need to be raised by hungry bears who demand welfare in the form of human ignorance for easy meat.

      • Bob, are you reading the news? If not, strongly consider it. Biologists have recently shown two developments: a drastic reduction of insects all over the world. In some parts as much as 85% of the insects have died out in the last 30 years.

        Also, large vertebrates have started dying at an increased rate from slow paralyzation, a result of severe thiamine deficiency, and they cannot determine the background cause.

        Reziac, yes the bears are clearly not skinny. Yet.

        Polar bears swim, but do not live or hunt in the water. They are dependent on the ice floes to get close to their prey.

        When there are prolonged high temperatures, the ice floes decrease in size and numbers, and the bears have to move. This is what you’re seeing now.

        The only thing they can find and catch on land are humans. There’s nothing else to catch on land, and eventually it will happen that they attack a human for food. The food scraps in your garbage dumps will not be enough.

        • Ron, apologies, you are capable of writing something intelligent. Unfortunately you went off the rails at “prolonged high temperatures”.

          The other posters have corrected you.

          Anyway, apologies for calling you a fool. It’s easy to lose one’s cool on the web, especially when the other person is not around to knock my teeth out =))))))))))

  3. Well, I’m a staunch believer in climate change and the problems associated with it. The bears in the video’s do look well fed and fit, maybe they’re just extending their territories a little bit at a time, as it suits them. I wonder, what sort of housing would the new immigrants approve of.

  4. If the idiots a) Didn’t turn the place into a shitehole by throwing trash everywhere. or b) lived somewhere sensible. This wouldn’t happen. The people that live there must really enjoy living in such a filthy trash ridden place.

  5. How sad to see a man made disaster in real time. Bears are not just solitary but extremely territorial around their hunting ground. The bears survival instincts are being retarded with “domestication” of a once proud hunter.

    These bears are being indoctrinated to find human scent for food. The landfill will lead directly to the town and the bears will demand food from humans to the point of violence.

    I suspect this is deliberate and bear pelts is the reason. Hope the children and domesticated live stock are protected for they will become the prime food source.

    The solution is the radically cull the bears to the point of correcting man made ignorance. The damage is already done and the fix needs to be bear pelts for the survivors.

    Which is why this is deliberate. Also to note that bear meat is about the nastiest meat of all predators except wolf or feral dog.

    @Ron. Global warming? You are a bloody idiot who is one step below a domesticated bear that over populate due to becoming Socialist Leeches who need to be culled for Humanities survival.

    • Nice to see intelligent comments here!

      Regarding bear meat – carnivore bears will eat anything, even rotten meat and definitely shouldn’t be eaten. However, black bear meat is great, just not when the bear has been eating garbage or fish.

  6. nature cucks are usually all about the polar bear dying cuz of “muh climate change” when they’re actually too damn many now and that’s because of “climate change” as well lol
    choose one returds, CHOOSE ONE

  7. Another climate change theory debunked. They said the polar bear population would dwindle due to climate change. We are seeing an increase of these cute furry creatures.

  8. Guys, the comment thread is even more interesting than the post itself.

    Obviously we’re all intelligent here and reasonable. Let’s not talk past each other and try to learn from each other.


  9. “Actually, they’re just behaving like bears, not being indoctrinated to anything.”

    You really think domestication and behavior modification for Bears is NOT indoctrination? Which retards natural survival instincts in less than 3 generations, not unlike humans.

    Ouch. Please don’t breed and hive human evolution a break.


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