Russian Model in a Very Dangerous Photo Session [15 photos]


Russian model Darya Lefner is surprising all her fans with a new and sort of extreme photo session with a bear. It is not a photoshop or some other manipulation – girl is posing with a beast.


girl_and_bear_02 girl_and_bear_03

And she does it not first time.


girl_and_bear_04 girl_and_bear_05

Could you risk yourself like this?





girl_and_bear_08 girl_and_bear_09 girl_and_bear_10 girl_and_bear_11 T7Nh-_CTehE

Darya used to make more photos with wild animals before.



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odXOQ3ZHcuUWhat a hug. Probably its just, us, Russians, we have something in the blood.


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