Russian Couple Took Bobcat to Home and He Is Now their Home Cat [photos]




Russian couple adopted bobcat now they turned him to home cat! Maria and Alexander saw a bobcat once in zoo. It was little Russian zoo where you can contact the nature – pet the animals in cages. They so loved the little puma so they have contacted owner (owner of the zoo of course) asking him to sell them cat. And a much to their surprise he agreed to give them cat! That’s how their adventure started..


So it has been couple years a big cat is their pet. It is pretty huge one beast – weighting over 40 kilos (80 pounds its around).



He likes playing very much.



Just because he stayed in zoo he could not be set to forest – didn’t know how live in nature.



So he stayed and lived with them.



Even he is fully grown he is not the biggest bobcat.



And according to the owner he is different from the cats.



“He is more like dog I think, but a dog with a cat’s habits”




And he occupies more space.






And you can’t just argue with him.


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Yes he also likes the boxes, but in more like doggish way – fond of tearing those to pieces.




But still loves to sleep with humans.1549603431199455198

And no matter he gut muscles, he is still a gentle cat.



They are bringing “cat” to expos, and all get quickly¬†fascinated by unusual cat exhibit.



Also cat needs bathing time.


And they built him special corner



Sometimes bringing to the wild



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Also they attended school where the bobcat trained with dogs. Now he follows ten commands!



And they got another pet – real cat – and they live fine.



How they named him? It is fun – they are calling him Messi after Spanish famous player.




And Messi seems doing fine!

14 thoughts on “Russian Couple Took Bobcat to Home and He Is Now their Home Cat [photos]”

  1. Messi in action:

    He’s from a petting zoo. Cats have a wonderful nature and personality. From my experience, cats know how to control people. My cat thought I was watching too much of the computer….so he peed on the screen.

  2. Maybe this is the puma that was found a short while ago roaming the outskirts of Moscow, harassing people, attacking domestic animals and even upsetting some people here in the English Russia comments section?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. The animals in both series of images look very much alike.

    I think it is totally irresponsible to keep such a large and potentially dangerous cat as a domestic pet, especially when the animal is so far from her native habitat. The puma lady should be put into a comfortable box, flown back to America and then carefully released into the wild, maybe in Montana or in Canada, where she has a chance to find a mate.

    • I very doubt that it is the same animal. This one looks like it grew up between people. This animal is totally comfortable in unnatural for them environment. Trust me, a wild animal would have a totally different look in their eyes and it would behave (posture, activities) very differently. And it would try to escape at the first opportunity.

  3. The time this wild animal spent in the Petting Zoo doomed it’s ability to successfully survive in the wild. Its been fed by human beings. Its likely it will always be attracted to people…which means that if it were released to the wild it would eventually be killed.

    Its current keepers call it a ”he”, so is it a ”he”? Either they know or they cannot tell the difference.


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